Системы образования: взгляд на американскую систему образования изнутри

G8 English Club meeting

American education vs Russian education

At our meeting we are going to talk about:
— Educational systems in Russia, Soviet Union, and America.
— What is the most effective way of education?
— How can we raise a really intelligent generation?

Everyone will have a chance to find out all of the details about US university life: scholarships, grades, system, classes, dorms, food, etc. As usual, you will get a chance to talk in smaller groups and participate in some activities.



Ведущая встречи

Val Cash

План Мероприятия

Где и когда?

04.06.19 в 19.00 

ул. Горького 53 (ЦУМ, 3 этаж)

Антикафе «Территория»

Что будет?

G8 English Club with

Val Cash

Стоимость: 200 р.

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