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Turning the other cheek

— Do you easily forgive people, or do you hold grudges?
— Have you ever not forgiven a person for something that they did to you?
— Do you know anyone who has forgiven a person who:

  • cheated them out of some money?
  • physically assaulted them?
  • spread rumours about them?
  • stole from them?

— Would you forgive the person in the situations above?


Ведущий встречи

 Tyler Foster
Professional fitness trainer, USA

План Мероприятия

Где и когда?

11.12.18 в 19.00 

ул. Горького 53 (ЦУМ, 3 этаж)

Антикафе «Территория»

Что будет?

G8 English Club with

Tyler Foster


Стоимость: 200 р.


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