G8 English Club meeting

The secrets of TEDx conference

— TEDx — what is so special about this conference?
— Why so many people dream of being TEDx  speaker? How one can be a TEDx speaker?
— TEDx from inside, how is it organized?
— TED commandments — rules every speaker have to know.

Ведущая встречи

Anastasiya Merkoulova
Imageologist, business trainer, psychologist.
Author of educational programs on image and communication.
Tedx speaker.

План Мероприятия

Где и когда?

16.07.19 в 19.00 

ул. Горького 53 (ЦУМ, 3 этаж)

Антикафе «Территория»

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G8 English Club with

Anastasiya Merkoulova

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