G8 English Club meeting // June 20.
A farewell meeting with Thibault DeVries Who is Mr. DeVries?
- One of our most favorite native English speakers.
- The most generous host who held six G8 English Club meetings, five of which were held in Hyatt Regency.
All the meetings were free of charge.
- A fascinating presenter who knows like nobody else how to grip the listeners’ attention and never let it go.
- A philanthropist who held a charity meeting with us and donated all the money we collected to the kindergarten kids.
This is your last chance to use his expertise and he will certainly answer your questions about hospitality in Sochi.
Guest Speaker: Hyatt Regency Sochi GM - Thibault DeVries (HOLLAND)
Date/Time: 20.06.2019, 19:00-20:30
Location: 17 Ordjonikidze street, Hyatt Regency Sochi
Price: Free of charge English Level: A2-B1 (pre-intermediate)