Stalin’s dacha is in top 3 most popular tours among foreign tourists in Sochi.
It’s about time for you to finally learn how to give this tour like a pro. Grab the opportunity to join the Stalin’s dacha tour held by Zetta Ermakova, the most experienced English guide in Sochi.
You will not only get tons of amazing historical information about dacha and its host but also will be able to ask any questions regarding the tour specifics:
- how make the tour comfortable for your guests; do’s and don’ts while giving a tour;
- who and what deserves most generous tips!
Date/time: 01.08.2019, 19:00
Where: Stalin’s dacha, "Zelenaya Roscha" resort, Kurortny prospect 120/1
by bus: Go to "Zelenaya Roscha" bus stop, then walk to the "Zelenaya Roscha" entrance where you’ll have a transfer to the dacha (our meeting point is marked by a red star on the map)
by car: use the "Zelenaya Roscha" entrance from Kurortny prospect (it is marked by a red star on the map) then follow the road to the dacha (it is marked by a red line).
If the security guard asks you tell them that you are going to Stalin’s dacha.
You may park the car in front of dacha free of charge.
Price: 200 roubles