G8 Language school presents

Sochi English Club

A proper place to improve your speaking skills
with an experienced English teacher.
+7 988 239-44-49

Once we finished learning English we need constant practice to keep our language skills. If we don't have it, it gradually disappears. It's a shame. We don't want you to lose this precious gift of speaking and understanding the whole world.

In order to be in shape we meet twice a week to exchange our opinions on different topics. It's fun, it's not hard, and it works. If you want to maintain or even increase your speaking level, you are welcome to join us!
Most of our meetings are held in a cozy classroom where we discuss interesting topics
Since our goal is to practice our communication skills we don't use a single English textbook neither do a certain English course. It's too boring for us. Instead we combine our classroom work with various outdoor activities where the students have to speak English. Here's how we usually practice:
learning to draw in English
diving with a native English speaker
an English shopping class in the Nike store
Students who participate in our English activities show 79% better results in speaking
All the English speaking activities have a preliminary part when the students learn the new vocabulary for the event. After the activity is finished the students revise the words with their teacher. Check out the vocabulary you've got to learn if you join our yoga class.
yoga practice with an English speaking instructor
Every third activity includes a native English speaker who facilitates our conversations.
Sochi English Club meets

Sochi, Gorkogo st. 53, coworking Territory
t. +7 988 239-44-49
Membership costs
200 r. for one meeting
No matter what we do we always have fun. We enjoy our English lessons very much.
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