Friends, this coming Thursday we invite you to G8 English club meeting. Let's talk about Japan! 

At the meeting we will discuss:
• History of Japan: pivotal historical events;
• Why Japanese people are so closed and strict;
• Why Japan is so expensive;
• What religion is practiced in Japan;
• Modern art and anime.

You will also have the opportunity to recite the most tragic and the most outstanding pages in the history of Japan!

Speaker: Sandra Sultan, traveler and art historian.

A word from the speaker: “I speak slowly, using simple words as much as possible, with strong Russian accent. Especially sensitive people are better to stay at home... I'm very excited, and I will be delighted if you come to support my growth.”

If you are fond of Japanese culture, or just want to learn more about this country, be sure to join our discussion!

We will see on Thursday, May 30th from 19:00 till 20:20.
At Youth House, 9 Navaginskaya St., auditorium on the 1st floor (entrance from the Trade Gallery)

Free of charge!

Register here