- the true story of beauty-master Nadia, worked at SC Penney in the US
- the true business experience of running a beauty salon during the pandemic
- the real procedure of hair styling, express make-up and hand care for our guests

Host: Natalia Nikolaeva and beauty salon @proza_sochi
Date/Time: 14.01.21, 19.00-20.30
Location: Gagarina street, 58, beauty salon ProZa
Price: Free of chargehost: Natalia Nikolaeva
From the beauty salon "Proza", hairdresser (top-master) Nadezhda Shevyakova (19 years of experience, graduated a cosmetology school in the USA)
Victoria Fedorenkova, 15 years in the business and owner of the beauty salon "Proza", creator of the franchise, business coach
and beauty salon @proza_sochi
date/time: 14.01.21, 19.00-20.30
location: Gagarina street 58, beauty salon ProZa
price: free of charge