фото Мои американские истории

G8 English Club Online Meeting


Julia went to America to study
at one of the American University’s language school,
she’s been there for 4 months.

Now she represents different
educational programs abroad, including America:
– language courses,
– secondary education,
– higher education
(bachelor’s, and master’s degrees)
– scholarships
– grant programs
– internship and work in America
for students ( «work and study»)
– immigration programs.

Julia will tell us the story of her journey
and unforgettable American experience
and what Americans really like to do.

Price: Free of charge

Guest Speaker

Julia Prudnikova
represents different educational programs abroad, including America: language courses, secondary education, higher education (bachelor’s, and master’s degrees) scholarships, grant programs, internship, and work in America for students ( «work and study») also immigration programs.

Meeting Plan

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07.05.20 at 19.00.
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