фото как сделать свою английскую речь максимально похожей на речь носителя языка

G8 English Club Online Meeting


Alexey is a resident of our meetings.
Once he even invited us to the place
where he worked and told us in English
how he repaired an expensive Swiss watches
(Repassazh), even from the bottom of the sea.

It’ll be not just an ordinary conversational meeting.
It’ll be more like a lesson. 
During this meeting, Alexey is going to
share his experience with us
and tell how to make your English speech
more near-native and also
interesting and useful information
(no one told you that before!)

Price: Free of charge

Guest Speaker

Alexey Tolchaev

Do you want to get ready for the meeting?

It’s important to have a pad
and a pen prepared in advance

Learn the new words below:

vowel – гласный звук/буква
consonant – согласный звук/буква
contraction – сокращение
syllable – слог
stress – ударение
comprehend – понимать
skill – навык
tongue twister
– скороговорка
emphasis – ударение
jot down – записывать


Meeting Plan

When and Where?

30.04.20 at 19.00.
To join us you’ll need:
a link, Conference ID (no Password)
to enter the conference

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