Наука о хорошей жизни

G8 English Club Meeting


At our meeting
we are going to discuss :

— what psychological science says about the good life
— what exactly helps you to increase happiness in your life
— how to develop these practices in your daily life

Join our discussion
about happy life.


Andrew Panamerican

BEFORE the class

Measure your current level
of happiness using one or two
validated psychological surveys.
You will be able to understand
what your current happiness level
is right now, how much
room for growth you have.
In a month you’ll redo the survey
to see if your happiness
and overall mood have changed
after doing these positive practices.

1. The first option is PERMA
(Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning,
and Accomplishment).
The questionnaire is 23 questions and once you submit your responses,
you will receive scores ranging
from 0-10 with scores
for overall well-being, health,
and negative emotions.

2. The second option is based on
The Authentic Happiness Inventory
It’s a quick set of 24 questions
that provides an overall measure
of your happiness levels.

3. Identify your Character Strengths
by taking the online test
available on the VIA website.
The test comprises 120 questions
and takes 30 minutes or so.
There are no right/wrong answers, and there are no better/worse answers.
The key is to be authentic, so that you can derive the most from the experience.
After taking the test, you will get the ranking of your 24 strengths.

Meeting Plan

When and Where?

01.10.19 at 19.00.
Territoria Co-working
53, Gorkogo Str
(TSUM Department Store 3rd floor)



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