фото Covid-19: реальная пандемия или мошенничество

G8 English Club Meeting


Welcome to join our
G8 English Speaking Club meeting,
where we’ll discuss:

– Is Covid-19 real or just a bad flu?
– Was lockdown really necessary?
– Do face masks really work?
– Is social-distancing necessary?
– Was it necessary to close our borders?
– Was it necessary to shut down small businesses?
– Was “the cure” worse than the actual virus?
– Is the vaccine safe, dangerous, or even necessary?

Come and join our meeting on Tuesday
to find out: is this a plan by the New World Order
or just a normal virus?
Let’s discuss an interesting topic
and share your opinion:)

Guest Speaker

Nazeem Dollie
native speaker (South Africa)

Meeting Plan

When and Where?

03.11.20 at 19.00.
Territoria Co-working

53, Gorkogo Str
(TSUM Department Store 3rd floor)


Take a mask with you, please.

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