Вчера, на встрече G8 English Club Кирилл Лемех помимо других интересных фактов рассказал нам о том, кто же такие фиксеры: Job position "Stringer/Fixer": — Basically a Stringer is a supportive employee, who is familiar with local conditions and language to help us solving common daily problems. He/she is the link between us as foreigners and the country and native people. Due to this diverse daily problems it´s not easy to describe a stringer´s area of responsibility — at the same time he/she has to be a flexible and resilient person. However a lot of tasks a stringer has to solve every day, are problems which are not very complicated for a local person. For example: One of our colleagues has to absolve an authorities visit. A stringer´s duty would be to find out, where the authority is, its office hours, how to get there, possibly attend the concerned colleague and help her/him with the specific bureaucracy. Job position helping hand: — Especially physical work is the main task for a helping hand. This includes set-up and dismantling jobs as well as occasionally making purchases. Job position driver: — This includes running errand and dealing with passenger transports independently  

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