Языковой центр G8 и Глеб Романовский приглашают вас на встречу на английском языке.
Тема встречи: Advantages and disadvantages of living in Sochi
Ведущий встречи: Глеб Романовский The city of Sochi has become enormously popular among Russians over the last decade and a great deal of people have arrived in Sochi to live. However, some people leave Sochi and prefer to live in the other cities because of various reasons. Thus, what are advantages and disadvantages of living in Sochi? An open discussion on the main features of Sochi and what should be done in order to increase the quality of life within the city in Sochi English Club with an architect and urban planner Gleb Romanovskii at the Venchagov Fest.
Дата: 05.05.18, 16.00
Место встречи: ул. Роз Венчагов Fest
Стоимость: бесплатно