Sochi development strategy

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Языковой центр G8 и Глеб Романовский приглашают вас на встречу на английском языке.

Тема встречи: Sochi development strategy
Ведущий встречи: Глеб Романовский

Nowadays, urban development follows the strategy of agglomeration development and the paradigm of design and development of new cities has become quite popular in Russia. However, do cities, Sochi for instance, need new satellite cities, are the new cities necessary so, and how should they be developed in order to avoid mistakes of previous urban planing strategies? G8 English Club in Sochi invites specialists in urban planning and architecture (as well as the others who are interested in) to discuss new cities development.
Дата: 06.05.18, 16:00

Место встречи: ул. Роз Венчагов Fest

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