фото Мнение: искусство спора

G8 English Club Meeting


As human beings we tend to
always seek for truth and answers.
We keep forming our opinions about
everything during the whole life period.

So at the meeting
we are going to discuss
such things as:

– different techniques
for a productive argument
– how do we build and
change our opinions?
– what is the main reason why
we argue with others?
– is it difficult to argue for something
that you don’t truly believe in?
(the example of lawyers)

This discussion will be followed
with a couple of very exciting activities.

Join our discussion
share your personal experience 
and find out 
can the Truth be found
in a good argument?

PRICE: 200 rub

Guest Speaker

Val Cash

Meeting Plan

When and Where?

03.12.19 at 19.00.
Territoria Co-working
53, Gorkogo Str
(TSUM Department Store 3rd floor)



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