G8 English club meeting

G8 English Club Training

Basics of Hatha Yoga

Sitting all day long at the desk? That ain’t healthy at all.
Let’s practice yoga with an English speaking instructor.
Ksenia is going to teach you hatha-yoga basics
and you’ll be able to practice basic asanas with her.
What a great Sunday morning it will be –
you’ll stretch, relax, learn something new and speak English with us!

Yoga Instructor

 Ksenia Loktionova



Please bring along your yoga mat or a large beach towel for the yoga class.
We largely depend on weather conditions, therefore on Saturday
you’ll get the yoga class confirmation by sms message

Do you want to get ready for the meeting?


 Price: 200 rub


Meeting Plan

When and Where?

22.09.19 at 8.00 am.
at Pullman hotel beach

(aerarium located on the left side of the beach).



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