My name is Andrei Ponomarenko and I am a head of G8 Language School. I’ve always admired the work of Gleb and Yan, a team of talented young street painters called YOUFEELMYSKILL. In 2017 I approached them with this crazy idea to decorate the front wall of the G8 Language School with graffiti of some famous English-speaking person. The guys had a very busy schedule and I’ve been persuading them for 11 months. Eventually, they agreed to do it for us as they wanted our assistance to help them learn English. ⠀

It was Gleb who came up with the suggestion to depict Queen Elizabeth II. The timing was perfect as we were about to celebrate her 93 birthday and our wall was going to be a special birthday card for Her Majesty. It took them a couple of weeks to do the job and by April 2018 the graffiti was ready.⠀

Now it’s a popular tourist attraction. I never thought that some youfeelmyskill fans do it as a quest: they go around the city of Sochi looking for their graffiti. Once they find the next piece of art they take a picture of themselves in front of it and continue their treasure hunt :)

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